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Hull and Machinery

Physical loss or damage cover for all types of vessels. The scope, basis and extensions of cover provided are adapted to suit individual client’s requirements.
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Disbursements (Increased Value) or Freight Interest Insurance

An ‘amount’ insured in excess of the vessel’s sum insured, which is calculated to cover additional costs and expenses (including lost freight earnings) associated with the total loss of a ship.
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Protection and Indemnity (P&I)

Third party liability cover for all types of vessels. Arranged with International Group Clubs, Independent Clubs or commercial underwriters. Designed to ‘dovetail’ with a vessel’s Hull and Machinery Insurance.
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Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FD&D)

Also referred to simply as “Defence”. In most instances an optional adjunct to P&I coverage. This insures the shipowner from legal costs associated with either the defence or pursuit of a claim relating to the insured vessel, for example, the legal fees resulting from a charterparty dispute.
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Crew Personal Accident (PA) Cover

Personal Accident cover designed specifically for ship’s officers and crew. Often arranged in circumstances where the vessel is not entered with a P&I Club, or arranged under contract by owners or managers for the benefit of crew and their dependents.
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Hull and Machinery- War & Strikes Risks

Cover against War, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions etc. Generally, but not always, arranged separately to a vessel’s Hull and Machinery Insurance and extended to include War Protection and Indemnity Risks. Trading to ‘Excluded’ areas (as defined within the London Market’s list of excluded areas) is customarily subject to specific agreement.
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Loss of Hire

Insurance designed to protect a ship owner for potential loss of earnings of a vessel (either freight or charter hire) resulting from a casualty. Cover is usually stipulated to respond in the event of a peril insured under the vessel’s Hull and Machinery Policy.
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Vessel Trade Disruption

An extended form of Loss of Hire cover which protects a ship owner from loss of revenue caused by a broad range of geo-political exposures. Particularly suited, though not exclusively, to ferries and cruise vessel owners.
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Builders Risks

Physical loss or damage cover for a shipbuilder during a vessel’s construction period. Customarily tailored and extended to include faulty design risks during a warranty period and in accordance with specific shipbuilding contracts.
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Builders Risks – Consequential Loss

Cover to protect a ship owner from a delay in a vessel’s delivery as a result of a casualty during construction. Typically arranged in the event of a vessel being built to meet contractual delivery deadlines or to comply with a contract of affreightment.
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Port Authorities and Terminal Operators

Usually arranged as a programme to protect a wide range of third party and physical loss and damage risks encountered by authorities overseeing a port or terminal operation.
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Marina Insurance

Customarily a packaged cover to include a range of liability and physical loss and damage risks encountered by marina operators or owners.
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Mortgagees Interest Insurance

Cover to protect the financial interest of a Mortgagee in the event of a loss which is irrecoverable from the vessel’s Hull and Machinery Insurance. For example, a claim for total loss repudiated by hull underwriters due its happening outside the policy’s trading area (warranty).
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Yachts and Pleasure Craft

Hull and Machinery, and third party liability cover for yachts and pleasure craft valued over USD1million, including chartered.
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Charterers Piracy Trade Disruption

Covers payments that charterers are liable for in the event of a vessel being captured. Available on a single breach and annual basis, this insurance allows charterers to declare vessels for the specific period, whilst transiting or calling at ports in high risk areas.
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Charterers Cover for GA / Salvage Costs

Designed to give charterers greater control during a salvage or GA event and suitable for any charterer who wishes to protect a contract to provide services for mainline operators, shippers or forwarders. This cover allows a charterer to step in for cargo interests and provide security on their behalf, as well as settling the claimed GA and salvage costs.
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Marine Kidnap and Ransom

Ensures that if a vessel is captured and a ransom demanded, the shipowner is able to respond quickly and with the support of experienced crisis-handling professionals to ensure the safety of the crew and expedient release of the vessel. It covers the ransom paid, the loss in transit of the ransom, the fees and expenses of security experts, plus certain additional expenses and legal liability.
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Aquaculture Equipment

Physical loss or damage cover for all equipment and vessels associated with offshore aquaculture facilities. The scope of cover includes natural disasters, collision etc., as well as liability protection against any resultant third party damage. For further information please go to

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