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Insurance programmes for all types of Cargo, whether by sea, land or air, travelling anywhere in the world. Each cover is individually created to address the risks involved and will include an appropriate range of extensions providing wider coverage than is offered under standard Institute or Market Clauses.
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War & Strikes Risks

Cover against War, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions etc., generally, but not necessarily, incorporated into broader Cargo Insurance covers.
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Extended Cargo and Logistics insurance programmes incorporating longer term storage, processing or distribution centre risks.
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Guaranteed Outturn

Extended Cargo covers for the bulk trades (most particularly bulk liquids) providing protection for “paper losses” in excess of normal shortage and where there is no apparent or identifiable cause of loss.
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Project Cargoes and Delay in Start-Up

Marine Cargo and Consequential Loss covers for construction or other infrastructure projects anywhere in the world (also known as Advanced Loss of Profits “ALOP” or Delay in Start-Up “DSU”). Frequently requiring substantial insurance capacity from worldwide insurance markets.
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Cover against the refusal of inspection authorities to allow the import of specific insured goods into the intended destination country. Most particularly of relevance to shippers of foodstuffs and perishable goods. Almost invariably insured as an extension to a Cargo programme.
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Cargo insurance programmes for worldwide shipments of Livestock.
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Aquaculture Stock

Cover designed to protect commercial aquaculture businesses and aquaria from mortality or loss of stock due to a wide range of perils. Cover can be provided for both onshore and offshore facilities, and is designed to be flexible in order to meet the specific needs of individual clients. For further information, please go to

Container Operating and Leasing Risks

Comprehensive insurance programmes for Container Leasing and Operating companies including Physical Damage on Owned or Leased Equipment, Lessor Default, Repatriation & Recovery, Loss of Revenue and Third Party Liabilities.
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Marine Equipment & Cash on Board

Machinery, Equipment, Cash or Valuables carried on board ship which is not covered under the vessel’s Hull & Machinery insurances. This would typically include Charterer’s Equipment or Master’s Cash. Where necessary, coverage may be extended to include transits to and from ship and shoreside storage exposures.
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Transit and Forwarding Risks

Comprehensive liability and physical damage insurance programmes for Forwarders, NVOCC’s and other Logistics and Distribution companies including liabilities to cargo and third parties, errors & omissions and physical damage to owned or leased containers.
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Trade Disruption and Consequential Loss

Contingent insurances individually designed to address specific financial exposures relating to a marine peril faced by companies trading anywhere in the world. This might typically involve additional costs or expenses arising from the delayed arrival of goods and would generally be integrated into a larger Cargo insurance programme.
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Credit, Financial & Political Risks

Protection against Open Account and Letter of Credit exposures as well as Political and Political Violence or Terrorism risks in relation to the Maritime Industries.
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Fine Art, Specie and Exhibition Risks

Insurance programmes for Fine Art, Specie, Antiques and valuables whilst in transit and on exhibition.
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Trade Finance

Comprehensive cargo insurance programmes for trade financing transactions which can include covers for extended, non-incidental pre- and post-shipment storage, war on land, and confiscation.
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